How Can Botox Help You Age Backward?

As we age, fine lines and wrinkles are inevitable, but why not eliminate them with Botox? 

When injected by a trained professional, Botox results are noticeable, yet natural.

Botox is a safe, quick treatment that typically takes 15 minutes from start to finish. Once Botox fully relaxes dynamic muscle movements 2 weeks after injections take place, results last 3-4 months. 

Read on to learn more.

More About Botox Injections

Botox is the most well-known injectable neuromodulator. It is a form of botulinum toxin that relaxes facial muscles momentarily, consequently minimizing the appearance of dynamic wrinkles brought on by frequent muscle movement.

Although Botox was initially created to treat medical problems including cerebral palsy, it has since been approved by the FDA to address cosmetic concerns such as crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead lines. It can also help soften the look of neck bands, chin wrinkles, and lip lines.

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Aside from its cosmetic uses, some injectors also use Botox to treat the following conditions: 

  • Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating
  • Strabismus or lazy eye 
  • Urinary incontinence 
  • Blepharospasm or chronic eyelid twitching  
  • Neck spasms or cervical dystonia
  • Chronic migraines 
  • Vaginismus 
  • Other types of muscle spasms

Aging Backward With Botox

Do the wrinkles around your eyes, lips, and between your brows bother you? Luckily, Botox helps relax dynamic muscle movements, minimizing those wrinkles and reversing the signs of aging.

Here’s how.

Getting Rid of the Wrinkles on Your Upper Face

With consistent Botox injections, you can  soften your crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines, and other facial wrinkles for a natural-looking, more youthful appearance.

Improving the Contour of the Neck and Jawline

Using Botox to slim and contour the lower face has become a popular aesthetic treatment. For this application, Botox is injected into the masseter muscles (used to clench teeth), resulting in a more contoured, less square jawline. The results can vary from patient to patient, but the effects of a Botox treatment typically emerge three to four days after the treatment, with the full results being evident in two weeks.


As you perform daily activities such as speaking, sneezing, frowning, and other facial movements throughout the day, your skin expands and contracts. Wrinkles develop over time if your facial muscles keep contracting in the same way. Typically the most prominent wrinkles start in the upper face between the brows and across the forehead which is why these areas are most commonly treated with Botox. 

Our qualified providers at Metro MedSpa have injected countless patients of all ages to prevent and reverse the aging process. If you’re interested in learning how to minimize wrinkles with Botox, call us to schedule your appointment with one of our highly trained aesthetic injectors.

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